Nick Bollettieri (President & Founder of IMG/ Bollettieri Tennis Academy): "Adam Kennedy was a scholarship holder at IMG/ Bollettieri Academy. Scholarship athletes are considered the best of the best. The dedication & professionalism Adam demonstrated when competing on the International Circuit has served him well as a Professional Tennis Coach. I consider Adam an expert in the techniques of the game & strategy of play. Adam's knowledge and experience is forged from 15 + years of playing, competing & working with the best players and coaches in the industry. There are very few coaches in our industry who offer a complete program. Adam brings an international perspective to all facets of his coaching by combining his on court training methods with a comprehensive understanding of sport psychology principles, strength training and conditioning regimes, nutritional supplementation and tournament travel."

From Tony Roche (Australian tennis legend, former world # 2 player, coach of several world number one players): "I've known Adam since he played junior Wimbledon at age seventeen. He's always been hard working, dedicated and professional. As a coach, Adam's energy and passion for the game make him stand out. He holds his students to a high standard, but his training sessions are always exciting and, most importantly, relevant. There's no filler or wasted time with Adam." 

From Tommy Haas (former world # 2 ATP player): "Adam has been a great training partner over the years. His passion, dedication and enthusiasm make him a great coach. "

From Max Mirnyi (former world # 1 doubles player & Olympic gold medalist in mixed doubles): "Adam and I trained together at Bollettieri's and loved playing sets against each other, where both of us would attack the net and pass each other. It was a lot of fun to be competitive on and off the court." 

From Tarik Benhabiles: (former coach of Andy Roddick & world #22 ATP player) "I had the opportunity to coach Adam Kennedy, an outstanding tennis player: very passionate , very committed and always enthusiastic...especially when it came time to do the hard work. Adam is definitely experienced to teach and transmit his experience to any student at any level of tennis. It was a total joy the years that I spent coaching him."

Tim Ryan (parent to student at the Adam Kennedy Tennis & Sports Academy) "Adam is a highly motivated and incredibly enthusiastic and passionate coach. Adam is filled with knowledge, compassion, dedication and commitment and he really makes a difference through his positivity and over very high standards of himself. As a result, Adam has a unique ability to inspire his students and gets the very best our of them every single training session. But with Adam you get much, much more than a typical coach. Adam is 200% committed to his students and is a mentor, coach and friend as well. He goes above and beyond every day with encouragement, follow up and attention to every detail whether it be nutrition, fitness, match play strategies, extra training or just caring. My son has learned much more than just hitting tennis balls."

From Mia Vriens (full tennis scholarship holder to Florida Sate University): "Adam has really helped me develop my game in all aspects. Being on the court with Adam is hard work but always a lot of fun. Adam always has a lot of positive energy around him which motivates, and encourages me to work hard everyday on and off the court. Adam is a great coach as well as great friend and he has really helped me with my tennis." 

Elena, Mum to two students at the Adam Kennedy Tennis & Sports Academy: "Adam is the ultimate professional. Living and breathing what he teaches, his strong work ethic, years of experience and approach to his students' lessons, ensure that not only is first class tennis taught; but the whole tennis lifestyle of fitness, nutrition and mindset are incorporated."